Grupo Comes, somos la marca de los sinfines

COMES S.A. is a nationwide leading company within the field of bulk product transportation. Since 1970, it has been present nationwide with its own production and distribution of helical screws (Endless screws).

Nuevas Tecnologías Comes, S.A. was created in 2002. The company has its own distribution network and research department which makes it possible to constantly innovate in the oil sector, composting plants and purifying plants as well as their by-products such as sludge and urban waste drying. In addition, its products are eco-friendly and totally automated. Costs are reduced with important financial savings.

NuevasTecnologías Comes, SA, (NUTECO) has new machinery and premises as well as a very skilled professional human team, with years of experience in Comes S.A. Our working procedures are in accordance with quality control regulations ISO 9001 , and we have our own design and innovation department for our products.

In summary, we carry out the complete installation, not only the machine but also the prior studies, the project, and the design. We also take care of the machine assembly and its installation. We can perform a study of any project and its feasibility, but our standard products can be found in the products section.